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This year, Plan B will be releasing some liscensed producuts. Products are in development for Henson's Dark Crystal and Labyrinth films. More World War II figures are in the work! New Paratroopers, along with a few other figures will be availabe in a new delux format. Look for new products soon!

WWIIEmergency ForcesLabyrinthDark Crystal

Statement from Plan B: - Plan B Toys in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM actively promotes ideologies, beliefs or political views that may be associated with the nature of its product. Our intent is to depict characters in an accurate manner to reflect a moment in a film, video game, TV show, history, or whatever the source material may be. We are not trying to offend anyone by depicting evil goblins, Axis forces, or Skeksis bent on dominating the world. We are simply trying to create a collectible line of items that reflects the entire source material, good guys and bad guys alike.

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